Resident Evil 4 Leon Jacket



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Resident Evil 4 Leon Jacket

Resident Evil RE4 Leon Jacket

Leon Kennedy is one of the top-notch operatives shown in Resident Evil 4. He helped Alice and the others fight through the evil forces that reign throughout Raccoon City.

This appealing Resident Evil 4 Leon jacket is one of the most preferred apparel anywhere. The leather is inspired by the character Leon Kennedy’s outfit which gives out heroic vibes and sense of strength to the one who wears it. This resident evil jacket is made of high quality material that is used in the fabric. The exterior is made up of some quality fabric for more durability and comfort. The main forte of the outfit is the belted formal collar with outstanding detailing and zipper closing mechanism. The sleeves are full length with detailing on cuffs as well. The slim fit side and two waist pockets give the jacket a smarter look and feel.


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